The problem is fixed. I cleaned the snow .

error 771 -- my TV has lost the service. The error message has continued. Edit

== When I turn the TV on, I get the message -- 771-Signal loss on Satellite. All the cables are connected. I can't tell if the dish has moved, I get no local channels. I have reset the receivers to no avail. The card number is: 002063662080. Call me at 254 729 2130.

An installation service call occurs when a customer has eqt uipment installed. In the case of new or returning customer this type of service call typically comes at no cost to the customer.

This type of installation also occurs when a customer adds something new to the account such as a new reciver or an upgrade to thier old one. In many cases new lines may be needed, or in some cases of programming upgrades (such as to locals or High-Definition) a new dish could be required.

Moving Edit

Customers who use the Mover's Connection usually are bringing thier reciver with them so the installer will most likely only need to install a dish and cabling.

RepaiA Repair is usually the most stressful type of Service Call. Since the dish and cables are owned the customer is responsible for the maintenance of the system.Edit

If a customer has not had a technician come out within the last 90 days, the service call will cost $70. If a techhnician has been there within 90 days he will be charged no matter what the reason for the service call. It will also affect his numbers possibly leading to reductions in pay and termination. ONE T V AFFECT ONLY CARD 0020-5955-3970 I NEED A REPAIR MAN DIRECTV OUT CARD# 0020-5955-9970 I HAVE INS 818-365-4336